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The devil is in the details...

All dialogue is based on exchange of information which, in turn, develops a relationship. Professional online marketing works in the same way and our systems capture and archive all events that occur within emails or on websites in order that we can analyse the data and show you how your relationship with each member of your audience is developing

We can segment your data into any required sub-lists for targeted marketing campaigns while continually capturing all responses in order to provide you with data and trends in your customers' behaviour.

Your data is your most valuable marketing asset - if it's properly understood and used.

We can turn your database into a data resource!
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Data Cleansing

Messages to an unengaged database of thousands will have far less impact and response than messages to a far smaller well maintained and engaged database.
One of our key skills is to turn a database of unusable or unengaged emails into a rich useful goldmine of customers.


Is your data stored securely?

Your data integrity and your customers privacy is our utmost concern. Your data is stored in accordance with the European Union Data protection policy. Your customers data is only ever kept within it's own database and never on a shared system, we only access your your data when requested and can provide you with your own secure log-ins if needed.