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Integrated, effective on-line marketing

CoastAMS doesn't just create really great websites; we also provide our clients and business partners with a range of amazingly effective email and social media marketing campaigns.

Using our client's own contacts list and/or commercially available data we generate highly segmented audience databases for these e-marketing campaigns, matching the content of each mailing against the customer's individual characteristics, preferences and needs.

We also track the effectiveness of the message variables, using different 'sender' and 'subject' names, etc. and, by modifying the design and content of the mailings, we can continuously measure and improve the effectiveness of the campaigns.

With nearly 20 years experience in digital communications, CoastAMS's team of gifted technicians and creatives de-mystify digital and electronic marketing; our mission is to help our clients achieve business growth and commercial success.

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Being sociable is good for business!

We use the whole social media armory - Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and You Tube, etc. - to put your products and services in front of existing clients and to present them to huge numbers of potential new customers!


New Year, new projects..

it's an exciting time here at CoastAMS, we're busy working on some very exciting new web and email marketing projhects with some new and existing clients

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